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Niculescu SASS: Simplified Affective State Scale
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Niculescu Convergent Functional Information for Suicidality Scale (CFI-S)
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Park City 2020. Along with key players in the psychiatric genetics field.

Niculescu Lab

Dr. Niculescu

APA/AstraZeneca Young Minds in Psychiatry International Award - 2005

Theodore Reich Award from International Society for Psychiatric Genetics - New York, 2007

IU Neurophenomics Lab Members

The Power of Genomics

VA Neurophenomics Team

Bioinformatics Group: Building (CFG) Pyramids

Spreading the gospel of Convergent Functional Genomics, PhenoChipping and 3D Mindscape


IUPUI Research Frontiers Trailblazer Award 2012

Bioinformatics team, Winter 2016


ABN with his idol of clear thinking, Francis Crick

ABN with one of his scientific heroes, Jim Watson


ABN with one of his mentors, Prof. Ming Tsuang.

ABN with Nancy Andreasen, a terrific researcher and writer, sharing ideas on the neurobiology of schizophrenia

ABN and George Palade, a mentor and role model


Indiana Bob and the Pyramid of Doom

Indiana Bob and the Pyramids of (CFG) Doom