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Precision medicine for psychotic disorders: objective assessment, risk prediction, and pharmacogenomics

Next-gen biopsies take the sting out of diagnosis

Temporal effects on death by suicide: empirical evidence and possible molecular correlates

Towards precision medicine for anxiety disorders: objective assessment, risk prediction, pharmacogenomics, and repurposed drugs

Big Ten TV Network – Half-Time of IU Basketball Game (2023)

Polyphenic risk score shows robust predictive ability for long-term future suicidality (2022)

Precision medicine for mood disorders: objective assessment, risk prediction, pharmacogenomics, and repurposed drugs (2021)

Towards precision medicine for pain: diagnostic biomarkers and repurposed drugs (2019)

Precision medicine for suicidality: from universality to subtypes and personalization (2017)

Mood, stress and longevity: convergence on ANK3 (2016)

Towards understanding and predicting suicidality in women: biomarkers and clinical risk assessment (2016)

Understanding and Predicting Suicidality Using a Combined Genomic and Clinical Risk Assessment Approach (2015)

Genetic Risk Prediction and Neurobiological Understanding of Alcoholism (2014)

Discovery and validation of blood biomarkers for suicidality (2013)

Schizophrenia: from comprehensive understanding to genetic risk prediction (2012)

Dr. Niculescu receives IUPUI 2012 Trailblazer Award (2012)

An Analysis for Anxiety - Genome Technology (2012)

Teaming up for biomarker future - EMBO Reports (2011)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Psychiatric Disorders (2011)

Psychology Today June 2011

Dr. Niculescu featured in Indiana University's 2010 Annual Report on Research and Creative Activities.

NIH Directors' New Innovator Award (2010)

DNA Testing for Bipolar Disorder (2010)

Identifying Blood Biomarkers for Hallucinations and Delusions (2009)

Faulty Body Clock May Make Kids Bipolar (2009)

Towards Improving Diagnosis in Psychiatry (2009)

Is Bipolar Disorder Herditary? (2009)

First Comprehensive Map Of Genes Likely To Be Involved In Bipolar Disorder (2008)

Identifying Blood Biomarkers for Mood Disorders (2008)