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Lab Members

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Dr. Niculescu

Alexander B. Niculescu III, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Laboratory of Neurophenomics, NRB, Psychiatric Research
Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Neuroscience, Indiana University School of Medicine
Staff Psychiatrist, Indianapolis VA Medical Center, Indianapolis

Email: anicules@iupui.edu
Biographical Sketch (.doc format)

Dr. Le-Niculescu


Helen Le-Niculescu, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist

Email: hlenicul@iupui.edu

Biographical Sketch (.doc format)



Tammy Jones, RN
Clinical Trial Nurse





Rowan Bhagar
Student Research Intern

Katherine L



Katherine Long
Undergraduate Student, Indiana University



Morgan A. McCormick, M.D.
Chief Resident, PGY4/ Researcher


Hayley R



Hayley Robertson
Doctor of Pharmacy, Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences/Patient Care Research




Kyle Roseberry
Medical Student


Katie Soe

Katherine Soe, M.D.
Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Resident






Amy Strasburger, MA
Clinical Research



Ande Williams, MS
Clinical Research



Katie Andrews
MD/PhD Student, Indiana University School of Medicine

Mikias Ayalew, M.S.
Zimmer Midwest

Yokesh Balaraman, M.D.
Resident, Psychiatry, IU School of Medicine

Elizabeth Belanger


David M. Bertram, Psy.D.
Neuropsychology Resident
St. Louis VA Medical Center
1 Jefferson Barracks Drive
St. Louis, MO 63125
Email: david.bertram3@va.gov

Brion Bertsh, M.D.
Addiction Medicine
Fairmount, IN

Meghana Bhat, M.D.
Resident, Psychiatry, IU School of Medicine

Sugandha Bhosrekar, M.D.
Visiting Research Associate
Institute of Psychiatric Research

Dean Bowker, B.S.
IUSM Class of 2013

Alyson Brenner- Hollis, M.A.
Predoctoral Psychology Intern
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
10,000 Bay Pines Blvd (116B) Bay Pines, FL 33744 Email: Alyson.Hollis@va.go

Natalie Case
Research Assistant
IU School of Medicine

Helen Dainton
Resident, NeuroPsychiatry
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Jeremy Davis, PsyD
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Assistant Professor, Clinical
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Utah School of Medicine
30 North, 1900 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84132
Email: jeremy.davis@hsc.utah.edu

Lauren Myers

Cory A. Ogden, M.D.
Resident, Family Practice, Kaiser Permanente
Woodland Hills, CA

Craig Dike, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
Frank Tejeda Outpatient Clinic
Email: craig.dike@va.gov

Kyle Olesek, Psy. D.
VA Medical Center

Email: kolesek@gmail.com

Laura E. Palmer
Summer Research Program
IU School of Medicine Class of 2015
Bharathi Eddula-Changala, M.D.
Psychiatry Resident
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY
Zachary Parrett, PsyD
Pediatric Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow
St. Mary's Center for Children
Evanscille, IN


Kaitlyn Engle
IU Medical School

Sagar D. Patel, B.S. Biological Sciences
IUSM Class of 2014

Peter Phalan
Residency, University of Maryland

Griffin Fitzgerald
Graduate Student,Psychology, IUPUI

Swapna Raavi, M.D.

Miranda Gavrin
Summer Research Intern MIT
Class of 2016

Mark Radel, Psy.D
Internship in Clinical Psychology, St. Paul, MN

Sunita George, M.A. Psychology

Michael Rich, M.D.
Resident, Medicine, Georgetown University
Medical School

Emily Gilmore, M.A.
Psychology Intern VA
Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Email: Emily.Gilmore2@va.gov

Ganesh Shankar
IT Indiana University

Jyoti Gupta, M.D.
MPH Masters Program IUPUI
Robert M. Shweitzer, MD

Katie Harlow
Marian College

Carolyn Sherer, M.A. Psychology
Neuropsychology, Illiana VA Medical Center
Steven Hightshue
Summer Research Intern
Mark Skelton
Masters in Divinity Program, Christian Theological Seminary
Indianapolis, IN
Leslie Hulvershorn, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, IU School of Medicine
Kanwaldeep S. Sidhu, M.D.
Attending Psychiatrist, Community North Hospital,
Indianapolis, IN

Seth Judd, D.O.
Resident Physician / Researcher

Eddie Stage
IUSM Medical Neuroscience Ph.D Program

Amy Steiner, PsyD, LP
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Health Partners Riverside Clinic
Minneapolis, MD

Alison James, PsyD Psychology Jiahuai Tan, M.D.
Fellow in Hematology and Medical Oncology
Karmanos Cancer Center Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48201

Brigid Kirlin
Marian University Leighton School of Nursing


Naga Prasuna Vanipenta, M.D.
University of Missouri-Kansas City - Residency in Psychiatry

Jeffery M. Vergo, M.A.
Psychology Service, Indianapolis VA Medical Center

Thatcher Ladd
IUSM Medical Neuroscience Ph.D Program

Daniel Levey
Postdoctoral researcher,Yale University

Rebecca Learman
Medical Student, Indiana University School of Medicine

Holly Weber

Evan Winiger
Lab Coordinator
UCSD Behavioral Genetics Lab

Shira Louria, PsyD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY

Stefanie Wolf
Medical Student, Indiana University School of Medicine

Thomas Lowe
IUSM Class of 2014

Nabeel T. Yehyawi, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
South Texas Veterans Healthcare System

SudhaRani Mamidipalli, M.S.
Bioinformatics, Eli Lilly

Matthew J. McFarland, RPh., Ph.D.
Purdue University Technology Transfer Office



jordan poster


Genomics and Biomarkers: Dan Salomon, Scripps Research Institute; Nik Schork,  Scripps Translational Science Institute;  Ming T. Tsuang, UCSD;  Howard J. Edenberg Director, Center for Medical Genomics, Indiana University School of Medicine (IU SOM); Francis McMahon, NIMH; Dan Koller, IU SOM; John I. Nurnberger, Jr. Director, Institute of Psychiatric Research, IU SOM; Ayman Fanous, Washington VA Medical Center; Mick O’Donovan, Cardiff, UK; Marcella Rietschel, Mannheim, Germany.

Animal Model and In Vitro Studies: Mark Geyer, Ronald T. Kuczenski, UCSD; Zac Rodd, Rick Bell, Bill McBride, IUSM; Rusty Gage, Salk Institute; Deb Lahiri, IU SOM.
Phenomics and Clinical Studies : Michael P. Caligiuri, James Lohr, UCSD; Hans-Leo Teuling, Neuroscript LLC; Paul Lysaker, Indianapolis VAMC; Alan Brier, IU SOM.; Andy Saykin, Radiology, IU SOM.
Biobanking: George Sandusky, Pathology, IU SOM; Mike Yard, Anatomy, IUPUI; Alfie Ballew, Marion County Coroner’s Office.